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We consider the personal information of visitors to our websites to be important and take the utmost care in handling it.

Collection of personal information

When you use our website, we only collect information that can identify you individually (" personal information ") in the following cases

  • Enquiries

When we ask you to enter your personal data, we will limit it to the minimum necessary.
This information will only be used to reply to your enquiry or to send you materials by post. We will not disclose or provide this information to third parties without your approval except when there is a legally enforceable request from a state authority.
We will comply with the applicable laws and regulations regarding the personal information held by us and will review and improve our efforts in the above-mentioned areas as appropriate.

Notation of personal information use

Personal information will not be processed beyond the extent to which it is necessary to achieve the purpose of use without the prior consent of the person concerned.
Collected information is used for the purposes stated at the time of its collection (e.g. to respond to enquiries or to send materials by post).
It will not be used for any other reasons.

Use of statistical data

We use the personal information provided in order to compile statistical data in a form that does not identify individuals.
This data will be used without any restrictions.

Outsourcing contractors and business partners

When we outsource all or part of the personal information, we will conclude a contract with the outsourced party that includes confidentiality, or ask them to agree to our terms and conditions, and we will supervise them as necessary and appropriate to ensure that they manage personal information securely.

Changes and notifications

We reserve the right to change the content of this 'Privacy Policy' without prior notice.
Please refer to updated information on this page when using the website, as changes will not be notified to the user each time.

To protect these personal identifiers from unauthorised access, we will ensure strict internal security management systems are in place.
We will provide adequate supervision to ensure that personal data is kept in safe hands.

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