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Sports.jp Inc. is based on the concept of 'A Port of Sports and Science' aiming to achieve the following three missions.

  1. 1.To introduce a scientific perspective to a wider range of people in sport, not just top-level athletes
  2. 2.To benefit from the evidence and knowledge discovered by researchers and laboratories, so that all people, from children to the elderly, can benefit from it.
  3. 3.To introduce high-level expertise and technology to Japan, as well as spread the products made in Japan to the rest of the world.

To achieve these goals, we will take on the challenge of new research and development on a daily basis, aiming to advance health and mobility and create a world where all people have access to it.
We believe in the potential of the human body and innovate to help people and society to maximise that potential more.

Philosophy ;


Building a platform to make sports science accessible to one and all.


Creating a 200-year life of connection, enjoyment and adventure.


Designing health and exercise to contribute to human development.

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