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SPORTS.JP Inc. is committed to the concept of "A Port for Sports and Science" and pursues the further possibilities of the human body through research and development of sports science.
We will then build a platform for the development of the sports industry.

Research & Development ;

Based on the data of 20,000 people collected over the past 10 years with the help of scientific articles, we are developing new methods to measure athletic performance, developing new equipment and planning new training programmes.
We are also developing an 'AI' that suggests efficient training to improve sports ability and well-being.


We have been involved in the Arrows Lab business for 10 years, operating facilities that visualise athletic performance and analyse, evaluate and strengthen it based on scientific data.
The service will support the athletic performance and health of a wide range of people, from children to the elderly and even professional athletes.

Business Partnership ;

We provide a FC system as one of the core components of our business.
The Arrows Lab has been managed and promoted mainly by osteopathic clinics and schools.  We will continue to develop our franchise system for the development of sports science, not only in Japan, but for overseas markets as well.

Date Consulting ;

We offer solutions to the challenges in the collection and analysis of exercise data. This includes dispatching staff to sports teams and providing support for the measurement and assessment of sports data. We also offer licenses for our developed systems and data.

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